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What Title IX Means For Julie Foudy And All Women In Sports

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Julie Foudy (@JulieFoudy) is a National Soccer Hall of Famer, former captain of the U.S. Women’s National Team, two-time World Cup Champion, and two-time Olympic Gold Medalist. She now runs the Julie Foudy Sports Leadership Academy, teaching leadership skills to youth, and serves as an analyst for ESPN. Her book, Choose to Matter: Your Guide to Being Courageously You, came out in May, 2017. As a PCA National Advisory Board Member, Julie appears in video in PCA online courses and, addressing hazing and many other important issues.

In this video, Foudy shares the profound impact of Title IX and how it helped her career. For Foudy, Title IX did not only help her in sports, but it's helped as a great equalizer for women in general. To Foudy, Title IX didn't only empower women to be better athletes, but to be stronger and more confident, too. Title IX helped more women get into college, lowered levels of teen pregnancies and drug use, and did so much more than people realize.

Foudy shares that she wishes more young women knew the power of Title IX, as it is one of the most profound civil rights laws in the history of the United States. Despite the sometimes negative perception of Title IX, it's important to realize the positive benefits, Foudy explains.