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What Kids Can Really Learn From Elite Pro Athletes

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Zaza Pachulia (@zaza27) is a former member of the Golden State Warriors and was part of the 2017 NBA Championship Warriors team. He retired in 2019 after a 20 year NBA career. After becoming the first Georgian to win an NBA Championship, he received the Order of Honor from the Republic of Georgia in 2017. While continuing his basketball career, he places a heavy emphasis on giving back and improving international play. In 2004, he began hosting various annual free summer basketball camps throughout Georgia until 2016 when he created a basketball academy in his hometown.

Student-athletes who look up to pro athletes can learn from the game, says Zaza Pachulia. The best athletes in the world are not the most elite in their sport based on natural talent but rather by their work ethic and dedication to their sport and continually trying to improve. He uses the example of his own children watching fellow NBA players and the amount of work they put in to be successful on the court.