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Sports Teach Life Lessons That Help Prepare Us For Our Toughest Battles

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Brian Baer is a Senior Partner at Deloitte (@Deloitte). On April 22, 2017, PCA hosted our 16th Annual National Youth Sports Awards Dinner and Benefit sponsored by Deloitte. Brian Baer, Senior Parter at Deloitte, tells us a story of life lessons that prepared someone for the toughest battle in life- a battle with cancer. To him, that spoke to Deloitte's alignment with PCA.

Baer speaks about a blog post written by a former Santa Clara University basketball player, Courtney Lisowski, who’s fiancee was diagnosed with cancer. In the post, Lisowski talks about how playing sports helped her develop the ability to deal with hard times. Sports taught her about strength and persistence, to keep going when situations get tough. She wrote that all those years of playing the game were preparation for “game time”, for when she needed to be strong. Baer believes this is a great example for why coaches do what they do, why the PCA does what it does and why both are so important and influential in peoples’ lives.