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Rec Vs. Travel: It’s Not About A New Bumper Sticker For Your SUV

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Scott Snyder has been with AYSO (@AYSO_Soccer) since 2012, holding the position of AYSO Player Development and Technical Advisor in the Coaching Department. During this time he has helped the National Coaching program reach new heights by rewriting the national curriculum for volunteer coaches, developing coaching workshops and creating communications for volunteer coaches to keep AYSO at the forefront of youth soccer education.

The decision of whether a youth player should compete at a recreational level or at a travel, premier or select level should be driven by the player's demonstrated behavior, not by the social aspirations of adults, Snyder says.

Indicators that a child may be ready to advance is engagement in free play or drills not led by adults and watching a lot of soccer. The healthiest state is when players are happy and content at the level where they are playing, regardless of social status adults associate with the various levels of play.