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Brad Stevens: The #1 Thing For Youth Sports Parents To Remember

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PCA National Advisory Board Member and Head Coach for the Boston Celtics, Brad Stevens (@BCCoachStevens) is known as a positive coach. Before joining the Celtics, Stevens rose to prominence as the preternaturally calm and cool coach of the Butler University basketball team that he led to consecutive NCAA title game appearances.

Brad Stevens is not only an elite level coach, but also a Little League parent. In this video, Stevens says that parents should always encourage kids to have fun and even argues that having fun is the #1 most important thing in youth sports. Kids don't only find passion in sports by having success or winning, but there are other takeaways, such as enjoying spending time out on the field, learning about the game, and seeing improvement (big or small).

Stevens says that when he attends his kids' games, he simply appreciates the opportunity to spend time outside and watch his kid enjoy the sport. He urges parents to have this same approach to watching their kid play.