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Joe Maddon On Why Coaches Need To Be Consistent

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Joe Maddon (@CubsJoeMadd) is the Manager of the Chicago Cubs and has led his team to the posteseason in each of his first three seasons with the club, including 2 National League Division titles and the 2016 World Series. Maddon was named National League Manager of the Year in 2014 and has been working in pro baseball for 44 seasons. He's a three-time BBWAA Manager of the Year award winner, having earned the honor in 2008 and 2011 with Tampa Bay, and in 2015 with the Cubs. Maddon is one of only seven managers to win the award at least three times.

Joe Maddon believes that it is crucial for coaches to bring the same emotions and attitude consistently to similar moments. During the bad moments, coaches need to act in the same manner. During the great moments, coaches need to act in the same manner. This is important for players to see that their coach is acting consistently and crucial on a pro level for when tempers can flare after a large losing streak.