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How to Create A Winning Recruiting Strategy, from FieldLevel

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This resource is proudly brought to you by a PCA Trusted Resource - FieldLevel - an athletic recruiting tool that helps athletes find the right college teams, and college coaches find the best athletes for their rosters. Athletes and coaches build their profiles, showcase their talents, expand their networks, and communicate with one another to streamline the recruiting process. FieldLevel has a community of over 650,000 members with the shared goal of unlocking their highest level of athletic achievement no matter their location or circumstance.

In this video, two-time High School Championship coach and USA Football Master trainer Jason French dives deep into recruiting strategies. Learn how to refine your college program choices by starting with level of play, then looking geographically across the country to find what area is right for you, and finally academic fit and financial opportunity. French also speaks about how to get recruited and seen by college coaches, as well as following up with interested recruiters. It's important to also work with your coaches to find the best recruiting opportunities, and this resource explains how to do so.