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How Coaches Can Model An Attitude Of Gratitude To Keep Kids Humble

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Breeze McDonald (@HustleTheory), a 2017 Double-Goal Coach® Award Winner, coaches a top-flight boys’ basketball team for national grassroots youth basketball powerhouse Earl Watson Elite (@earlwatsonelite). McDonald, who played for Long Beach State University and eventually earned a master’s degree in education, believes she is the only woman coaching an elite boys’ basketball team on the Under Armour Association Youth Basketball Circuit.

In this clip, McDonald focuses on her philosophy of an attitude of gratitude. By this, she means keeping her players appreciative of their opportunity to play the sport and approach it positively. At the same time, she stresses the importance of putting in the work so that they can continue to have this opportunity.

McDonald also has the attitude that she alone is not the best, and her players alone are not the best, but together they can work towards being the best. It is about the team and not the individual.