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How Attitude Can Earn You A Scholarship

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Santa Clara University Head Women’s Soccer Coach Jerry Smith (@SCUJerrySmith), a PCA National Advisory Board Member, has established a standard of excellence few can match, ranking as one of the five winningest women’s soccer coaches in NCAA Division I history.

Smith believes so strongly in the importance of positive attitudes for a team’s success, that he has rewarded scholarships based on these off-field contributions. He does all he can to reward a recruit or current player who brings a positive attitude and energy to the team, because that’s an important part of the culture Smith works to build and maintain.

How does he discover which students are deserving of such acknowledgement and reward? As he shares in this video clip, Smith holds several student-athlete meetings every day to stay in touch with all of his players' attitudes. Coaches can only gather so much information from practices; it’s importance to stay involved with each individual and aware of the team dynamic with individual meetings.

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