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Herm Edwards On Adjusting In Practice

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Herm Edwards was an NFL player for Philadelphia Eagles, Los Angeles Rams, and Atlanta Falcons. Following his playing career, he spent five seasons as the head coach of the New York Jets and three years coaching the Kansas City Chiefs. Edwards spent year as an ESPN analyst, and has supported PCA through appearances at PCA's National Youth Sports Awards and in online course videos, and as a PCA National Advisory Board Member. Recently, Edwards took the job as the Arizona State Head Football Coach (@FootballASU).

In this video, Edwards explains the importance of adjusting practice. Every coach and team will experience days when practice is sluggish and the energy is low. Edwards says that coaches need to understand their teams to figure out how to get the most out of them during every practice, and nothing will be accomplished by screaming at your team. Sometimes Edwards would change his practices to walk-throughs, making them to mental practices instead of to physical practices. Making these kinds of adjustments comes from knowing your players and grasping what works best for your team.