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Gregor Townsend on Building Connection And Energy Through Competition

SPORTS CAN BATTLE RACISM: As a force in education through sports, we vow not to stop at condemnation, but to strive to be a force for reconciliation, through the collaborative actions with coaches throughout our country.

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Gregor Townsend (@gregortownsend) is the men's head coach for the Scotland national rugby team and a former player. He was a five time winner of the Centenary Quaich and a winner and a two time runner up of the Six Nations Championship. As head coach of the Scotland national rugby team, his accolades include finishing third at the Six Nations Championship and winning both the Calcutta Cup and the Auld Alliance Trophy all in 2018.

Gregor Townsend speaks upon how he has his athletes compete in pairs, in a series of activities, in order to build connections and bring energy to the team. The activities range from stacking cups, singing a song, or telling a joke. The players are quite competitive during the games and the mood after is increased for the team meeting to come.