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The Difficulty And Value Of Letting Your Student-Athlete Face Discipline

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Sonya Curry is the mother of current NBA players, Seth and Stephen Curry, and daughter, Sydel. As a former student-athlete, she played volleyball at Virginia Tech while earning a degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Family Studies. Once graduating, she became a School Administrator and continues to use her experience to inspire and give back to her community.

Here, Sonya Curry sympathizes with other parents about the difficulty of seeing your student-athlete disciplined by a coach. She shares the story of a time when her son, Seth Curry, was benched for a game because of a lack of effort in practice, and how she struggled to sit there while her son wasn't contributing on the court. However, she explains how crucial it is, for player development, to let coaches enforce team rules to ensure the culture of the program is being upheld. She says while it can be difficult to watch, your student-athlete needs to go through these experiences in order to be held accountable and to ultimately learn and grow from their mistakes.