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20 Secrets to Success for NCAA Student-Athletes Who Won’t Go Pro

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This resource is from a newly released book, “20 Secrets to Success for NCAA Student-Athletes Who Won’t Go Pro”. Founder and CEO of Positive Coaching Alliance, Jim Thompson endorsed the book by saying: "Although this book is for college athletes who won’t go pro, even pro athletes will find, at the end of their professional sports career (which often happens very quickly), that they can benefit from the practical tools and advice in this book."

20 Secrets to Success for NCAA Student-Athletes Who Won’t Go Pro focuses on how to guide and help student-athletes succeed as they aim to maximize their unique 4-year experience. The second half focuses on the transition out of sport and into life as each individual pursues their career endeavors.

Our first chapter, “Create and follow your student-athlete plan”, focuses on creating a plan for your student-athlete journey to take advantage of the experience. As stated, “failing to plan is planning to fail”.

Coaches can utilize this book to understand other perspectives and develop new strategies to help educate their athletes. Helping athletes create plans, understand who they are, and build like skills for success are just a few of the things coaches can do.

Athletic administrators and counselors within high school athletics can use this resource as a tool to help their student-athletes prior to graduation. The earlier a student-athlete can understand how to leverage the tools they learn and develop on the field, the better.

And for parents, they can focus on how to help their kids become better people by maximizing their student-athlete advantage as they prepare for the real world. As a parent put the time and effort into helping them launch a career that they are passionate about.

To read the full 1st chapter on creating a student-athlete plan, click below.

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