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Chris Collins: Adapt To What Your Team Needs

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Chris Collins (@coach_collins) is the Head Basketball Coach at Northwestern University. Before arriving, Collins spent 13 years as an assistant coach for Duke and also worked closely with the USA Men's Basketball teams that won Olympic Gold Medals in 2008 and 2012. As a player, Collins received Illinois' top high school honor as 'Mr. Basketball' and went on to an illustrious career at Duke University.

In Collins' opinion, great coaches, teachers, and leaders must first be passionate. This 'fire' means you're competitive, but this isn't a bad thing because it just means you care. If channeled the right way, it can be very effective in motivating players.

Collins also explains that coaches can channel this passion in different ways, based on the need of the team in a particular situation. Sometimes, during moments of high intensity, players need to see a calm, stoic, but still passionate coach to help them remain calm. Other times, when a team needs energy, the coach might need embrace the role of enthusiastic cheerleader. No matter what, coaches should be able to wear different hats and always move forward in a positive and passionate way to motivate their players.