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Chris Collins: Belief And Confidence Lead To Breakthroughs

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Chris Collins (@coach_collins) is the Head Basketball Coach at Northwestern University. Before arriving, Collins spent 13 years as an assistant coach for Duke and also worked closely with the USA Men's Basketball teams that won Olympic Gold Medals in 2008 and 2012. As a player, Collins received Illinois' top high school honor as 'Mr. Basketball' and went on to an illustrious career at Duke University.

In Collins' playing career, he focused on things that helped him improve and be successful as a player, such as confidence and belief. In his experience as both a player and a coach, he learned that instilling confidence in athletes often makes the difference between a winning and losing team and an individual player making a breakthrough. While each player is different, it is the coach's duty to figure out how to instill that self-confidence in each player and get the most out of each athlete by trying different approaches. In his opinion, coaches should spend more time instilling self-confidence then on tactics and execution because at the end of the day self-confidence is most important thing for success from which everything else follows.