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Advice From Performance Psychologist: Be Where Your Feet Are

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Graham Betchart is the director of mental training for Lucid Performance Inc. (@trainwithlucid). He is also the mental skills coach for many elite athletes, including several collegiate and professional basketball players. He has worked with the No. 1 draft pick in the last three NBA Drafts ('14, '15, '16), the NBA Player’s Association, USA Basketball and many other organizations. Betchart passionately seeks to unlock the full potential in each of the athletes he trains.

"Control your controllables" is a time-tested mantra among coaches. Athletes' concern with what they can't control can be their undoing.

In this video, Betchart coins the phrase, "Be where your feet are." That emphasizes the importance of not letting minds wander to winning or the score or the officials.

Betchart explains that is much easier to do when things are going well than when they are not. After all, who wouldn't want to be in the present moment, when that moment is pleasant? But when the moment is uncomfortable or challenging, it is easier and more natural for the mind to wander, often causing a tough situation to grow tougher.

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