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Parent Tip: Praise Effort, Not Performance To Motivate Kids

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Kelly Kratz (@kellymkratz) is a Positive Coaching Alliance Lead Trainer, administering workshops for coaches, parents, athletes, and leaders since 2009. She brings a wealth of experience to PCA as a former Division-1 field hockey and lacrosse player at St. Joseph's University, former college and high school basketball coach, and high school lacrosse coach. Kelly also has a Master's degree in Guidance & Counseling and is a proud sports parent of four daughters.

In this video clip, Kratz talks about the difference between empty, performance based praise and specific, effort based praise. She advises that parents build confidence in their children in sports like t-ball, swimming, or soccer by praising effort, not performance. If parents only praise performance even when a kid hasn't earned it, the kids may be quicker to give up when they don't perform well. Praising effort is more motivational for kids throughout their life and sports career.