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Addressing The "Lacrosse Bro" Culture

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Mitch Belisle (@MBelisle85) is a professional lacrosse player, competing for Team USA and in the MLL and NLL. He played for Cornell University, winning the Schmeisser Award his senior year, an honor given annually to the most outstanding defenseman in men's college lacrosse. Belisle is the VP of Marketing for Triology Lacrosse, a lacrosse education organization.

In this clip, Belisle addresses the "lacrosse bro" culture that is often synonymous with the sport. Belisle says this reputation is starting to fade away, and that the key thing is for players to represent the sport's traditional roots in honesty and integrity. He says that players have to remember to represent themselves, their team, and the sport on and off the field. Belisle has a personal passion to grow the sport, and he knows that a focus on sportsmanship will help bring lacrosse to new communities.