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"Honor The Game" Day

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As a leader of a youth sports organization or high school athletic department, you’re responsible for reminding coaches, parents and athletes about Honoring the Game. This means hiring the right coaches, acting to prevent incidents of disrespect, and upholding your coaches, parents, athletes and spectators to high standards. One-way to remind your league participants and opponents that your organization values Honoring the Game is to hold an annual “Honor the Game Day”.

This day is a great learning experience for young athletes, who will see the importance placed on respecting rules, opponents, officials, team and self. It is also an important way to connect with parents and remind them what youth sports is all about – the kids.

Drawing from successful Honor the Game Days held by Positive Coaching Alliance partner schools and youth sports organizations, this article helps you start this tradition in your own community. It contains seven keys to a successful day, such as distributing press releases and other important materials to explain the event. Plus, you’ll find best practices for day-of, such as creating banners and reading statements about Honoring the Game at your event.

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