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3 Time Management Tips

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Jean Boyd is Arizona State University's Senior Associate Athletic Director for Student-Athlete Development. In this capacity he leads Sun Devil Athletics' commitment to graduating and preparing student-athletes to become high achievers in life. He also coordinates student-athlete well-being programs and leads the department's diversity and inclusion efforts.

In this clip, Boyd shares tips to help busy student-athletes stay organized:

  1. Set aside time to be organized. Student-athletes have busy lives, and setting aside time to get organized is critical for successful time management.
  2. Identify time at the beginning of the week to lay out what you have coming up. This helps you prioritize what's most important.
  3. Differentiate between urgent and important. He uses the example of a paper due tomorrow and an exam in two weeks. The exam is important, but the paper is urgent. Understanding the difference helps you prioritize your efforts.