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Mark Madsen: 3 Tips for High School Basketball Coaches

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Mark Madsen (@madsen_mark) is the Los Angeles Lakers Assistant Coach, previously serving as a coach in the NBA Development League, an assistant coach at Stanford University, and the Los Angeles D-Fenders coach. A former basketball player from Stanford University, Madsen was selected in the 1st round of the NBA draft by the Lakers. With 9 years of NBA experience Madsen spent 3 seasons with the Lakers and 6 seasons with the Timberwolves.

In this video, Madsen provides 3 tips for high school basketball coaches:

  1. Stick To The Schedule – Give your players a schedule a month or two in advance and follow the schedule. Players will need a few days off so they can spend time with their families and lead a normal life outside of practice.
  2. Don’t Make Practice Too Long – The timing in based on the individual coach, but it is recommended that practice should only be 1-2 hours long. Use this time wisely with the proper drills.
  3. Make Drills Competitive – Competition can bring out the best in everyone, so make sure practice is intense and can create growth. This will help foster a high-level, competitive environment for your athletes.

Utilizing these tips can help improve the experience for high school athletes, which will keep them involved in the sport. It is important to realize that they can grow as athletes and people by living a balanced lifestyle between sports, school, and family/friends.