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3 Intangibles Coaches Seek: Attitude, Work Ethic, Passion For The Team

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Koby Altman is the GM for the Cleveland Cavaliers (@cavs). He originally joined the Cavaliers as pro personnel manager in August 2012 and was promoted to director of pro player personnel in September 2013. In his role as assistant general manager/player personnel, Altman is tasked with talent evaluation of athletes across all levels of basketball, both domestically and abroad.

In this video, Altman shares that coaches look for 3 things in players:

1) Great attitude 2) Great work ethic 3) Passion for being there

When talent levels are equal, Altman shares that those three things can be differentiating factors and because they are differentiating factors, they are qualities that coaches seek at every level, from the youth level to the pros.