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SCHEDULE ANY LESSON: Marketing and Technology Solution for Coaches

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PCA is proud to introduce the Schedule Any Lesson Technology & Marketing Solution for Coaches. To learn more about Schedule Any Lesson, click here.

The private coaching and instruction sector has undergone tremendous growth over the past decade. One-on-one training can provide a competitive advantage, enhanced skills and even prevent injuries through incorporating proper mechanics and sensible training regimens. With this growth, private instructors are looking for ways to promote their services, attract new clients and generate income. Parents and lesson takers are tasked with finding qualified instructors that are the right fit for their specific needs.

A new affiliation between Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) and Schedule Any Lesson, a national online directory and turnkey marketing and technology platform for private instructors, aims to increase access to quality coaching across the country while helping private instructors and coaches generate more earnings and keep the money they earn.

"Based on its mission and founding principles, aligning with PCA is a wonderful opportunity to support our coaches and those seeking private instruction in ways that aren’t currently available," says Mark Tilson, Chief Commercial Officer of Schedule Any Lesson. "PCA and Schedule Any Lesson share a belief in our fiduciary responsibility to help our coaches be successful in their efforts to be positive, impactful instructors."

Founded on the core belief that teachers, coaches and instructors are the backbone of America and that they are severely underpaid, Schedule Any Lesson helps private instructors earn more money and keep the money they earn. The Schedule Any Lesson platform includes five categories of instructors: Sports, Education, Fitness & Training, Music and Dance.

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