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The Delight Of Coaching Your Own Child

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This article, from the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO), gives moms and dads -- first-time coaches or not -- some perspective and advice on how to coach their own child's team.

Watching your kids grow and learn new skills is one of the great delights of parenthood. During those times, parents focus on their child having fun and enjoying playtime. Yet, sometimes, when it's on an athletic field, the focus seems to shift. When coaching your own child, the goals should not be to evaluate and win on the scoreboard, but for them to have fun playing and to improve.

Some parents worry that they aren't experts in their child's sport, and that therefore they aren't qualified to coach. AYSO reminds us that at the youth level, coaches are primarily there to manage the kids and to give them a chance to have fun, run around and play the sport. If they do this, they'll most likely come back next year to learn more!

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