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Brandi Chastain On Coaching Your Own Child

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Brandi Chastain (@brandichastain), a PCA National Advisory Board Member, is famed for her iconic penalty kick conversion that clinched the 1999 Women's World Cup Soccer title for the U.S. Chastain’s international career spanned two decades and is highlighted by a 1996 Olympic gold medal and 1999 and 2003 World Cup titles. She now serves as a color commentator for both NBC and ABC, is a volunteer assistant coach at Santa Clara University and the developer of ReachUp!, a foundation formed to empower girls through sports and mentorship.

Chastain coaches her own son in soccer. As she describes in this video, that can be challenging! She has a frequent internal dialog, asking herself “Am I the mom or the coach right now?” She even admits that it’s tempting at times to give her son an extra chance during certain drills because she wants him to be successful.

Her son, too, has adjusted to new boundaries and roles. He will try to get away with more than the other players could because his mom is the coach, and Chastain has to remind him that he needs to respect the roles at practice. He’s always her son, but sometimes they both need to remember that at practices and games she’s also the coach and he’s the player.