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Molly Fletcher: Why Fearlessness Matters

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Listen in as Positive Coaching Alliance goes 1-on-1 in interviews with top pro and college players, coaches, executives, and other major sports figures and academics who provide tips, tools, information and inspiration for youth and high school sports coaches, parents and student-athletes.

This 1-on-1 interview features Molly Fletcher (@MollyFletcher), hailed as the "female Jerry Maguire" by CNN. Molly spent two decades as one of the world's only female sports agents and represented hundreds of sport's biggest names, including Hall of Fame pitcher John Smoltz, PGA TOUR golfer Matt Kuchar, broadcaster Erin Andrews, and basketball championship coaches Tom Izzo and Doc Rivers. Through her time as an agent, she also observed and adopted the traits of those at the top of their game. She is now CEO of The Molly Fletcher Company in Atlanta, GA.

In this podcast interview with Former PCA President Tina Syer (@tinasyer4), Fletcher discusses her days as a tennis player and what she learned from working with some of the top coaches in sports. She also discusses fearlessness, and the role it played for her in both sports and business, and gave advice for coaches and parents to help their athletes avoid fear of mistakes.

Here are some key insights from the podcast:

  • Molly's most influential coach was demanding, but not demeaning. He was effective because she knew he came from a place of love and "earned her permission to be tough."

  • While sharing her story on success in the sports business industry, Fletcher explained that assertiveness and fearlessness were two keys to success. To Fletcher, its important to stay curious and learn how to step into uncomfortable moments.

  • As a parent, the natural inclination is to step in and help your kid solve a problem. However, a more hands-off approach can give your kid the confidence to solve problems on their own.

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