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Top 10 Positive Coaching Videos

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1. Doc Rivers On Sports Parents Seeking More Playing Time: Your children complaining about too little playing time? Here is Doc Rivers’ advice on how to handle that.

2. Coaching From The Stands Is Confusing For Athletes: Former LA Clippers VP Kevin Eastman shares what he does to teach parents to let the coaches coach.

3. Advice To Sports Parents From Basketball Coach Steve Kerr: Warriors Coach and five-time NBA Champion Steve Kerr recalls his parents’ roles in his own sports experience.

4. Mike Brey On How Coaches Can Correct Athletes’ Bad Body Language: Bad body language can be contagious among teammates, so address it immediately. Here’s how a top coach does it.

5. What A College Coach Looks For In Recruits: A college coach explains how and why he assesses a recruit's verbal and non-verbal behavior.

6. Assessing A Recruit’s Parents: Notre Dame Men’s Basketball Coach Mike Brey considers a recruit’s parents when offering scholarships.

7. Recruiting: Observing Parents In The Stands: Chris Collins, Northwestern Head Basketball Coach, considers a recruit’s parents’ behavior in the stands as part of whether to bring that player onto his team.

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