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Recruiting: Observing Parents In The Stands

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Chris Collins (@coach_collins) is the Head Basketball Coach at Northwestern University. Before arriving, Collins spent 13 years as an assistant coach for Duke and also worked closely with the USA Men's Basketball teams that won Olympic Gold Medals in 2008 and 2012. As a player, Collins received Illinois' top high school honor as 'Mr. Basketball' and went on to an illustrious career at Duke University.

Throughout the recruiting process, Collins says he observes parents in the stands to help identify the sort of environment the recruit grew up with. In the recruiting process, coaches should begin to notice if parents are supportive and positive, or negative while encouraging individualistic behavior that only regards their son or daughter rather than the entire team. Coaches should realize which behaviors help athletes and which don't, and should take these sideline behaviors into account when recruiting athletes so they know what they are dealing with moving forward.

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