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How To Use Video To Self-Evaluate Your Coaching

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A Positive Coaching Alliance "How To" Resource

As a Double-Goal Coach®, we have teachable spirits and are always looking to improve, just as we hope for our athletes. One of the best tools to evaluate your coaching is to have an assistant coach or other trusted person film you!

Here’s how:

Filming a game or practice?

Both can give different and useful information, and it depends on what you, as the coach, are looking to work on. Filming part of a practice, you can better evaluate delivery of feedback, tone, etc. Filming a game is a better opportunity to look at reactions to officials, reactions to players' performance, etc.

How to view the footage?

All we suggest you watch the video footage three different ways, as you can notice different things when you do this:

  1. Watch video without sound.
  2. Listen to the audio without looking at the picture.
  3. Watch video normally with sound and picture.

When watching without sound: what does your body language convey? How are you reacting non-verbally to things happening in the game or at practice? When listening to audio without the picture - what is your tone of voice? What types of feedback are you giving?

Please click below to download the PDF to check out more "specific look-fors" – more things you might look for as you're reviewing the footage.

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