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Steve Young: Positive Coaches Find Unique Ways To Include Everyone

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Steve Young, a PCA National Advisory Board Member, won three Super Bowl titles, was twice selected as the league's Most Valuable Player, and in 2005 entered the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He currently serves as an ESPN football analyst. Steve Young will receive the Ronald L. Jensen Award For Lifetime Achievement at PCA's National Youth Sports Awards & Benefit on April 28, 2018.

In this video, Steve Young explains how when his son was afraid to bat in little league, he nearly quit as a result of that fear. However, Young and his son decided to meet with the coach to help overcome this fear. The coach used a few techniques that allowed Young's son to stay part of the team, and ultimately stay involved in youth sports:

  • The coach eased him into it- rather than force him to do the thing he was afraid of (bat), the coach explained that he could just play in the field if he wanted to. Ultimately, after playing only in the field for awhile, his son felt ready to bat.

  • The coach explained to him that he could still be part of the team, even if he didn't want to bat.

To Young, the fact that a coach could find ways to keep players involved and a part of the team despite certain fears and anxieties meant the world to both him and his son.

Young believes that this emphasis on teaching in youth sports instead of emphasizing championships at such a young age is what allowed his son to have a positive youth sports experience and enjoy time with the team.