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What Happens When You Positively Reinforce The Way Kids Fail

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Graham Betchart is the director of mental training for Lucid Performance Inc. (@trainwithlucid). He is also the mental skills coach for many elite athletes, including several collegiate and professional basketball players. He has worked with the No. 1 draft pick in the last three NBA Drafts ('14, '15, '16), the NBA Player’s Association, USA Basketball and many other organizations. Betchart passionately seeks to unlock the full potential in each of the athletes he trains.

In this video, Betchart emphasizes the importance of positive reinforcement. It is especially important, he says, to positively reinforce in the moment of a mistake.

Coaches who see athletes responding well to their own mistakes should praise them for doing so. Understanding that mistakes are common, coaches who take care to notice an athlete's quick bounce-back from the mistake and readiness for the next play can expect their athletes to continue striving to improve despite small setbacks.

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