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Scott Barnum on Business Processes in Youth Sports

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Youth sports organizations (YSOs) must operate effectively and efficiently like any business in order to succeed. Scott Barnum, past president of California's Menlo-Atherton Little League, suggests applying basic business skills to youth sports to optimize your organization. Administrators and leaders will find success applying these good business processes to YSOs.

One good business practice is taking care when setting up board and league management. It's important to find engaged and passionate people who are interested in contributing to your sports organization. This group of motivated individuals should be divided into committees that will be charged with bettering the league and operations. Having these types of people on board is a great asset for any business, and will serve your YSO positively.

Another good business practice is to embrace technology. Businesses save time and energy when they are well organized and communication is streamlined. Technology can help a youth sport organization, and even small leagues and teams shouldn't shy away from seeking out technological resources that may help. Positive Coaching Alliance recommends several "Trusted Resources" to guide your discovery of online tools to help manage your YSO, found here.