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Developing Organizational Culture For Youth And High School Sports

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Organizational culture -- whether in business or in a school athletic program or youth sports organization -- defines a way of doing things within the organization. Too many youth sport organizations have poorly conceived and unevenly implemented expectations (or none!), so their leaders should assess their organizational culture for any necessary changes.

Then, consider these three stages of culture shaping:
1.) Setting the table – outlining clear expectations of behavior
2.) Fixing broken windows – protecting the culture from violators
3.) Integrating structural pillars – protecting the new culture from eroding over time.

The excerpt found below further outlines the process of establishing and maintaining culture, along with important “seats on your bus” (i.e., personnel decisions) that can assist. Download the PDF to learn more about why assembling the right leadership team, including coaches who fit the Double-Goal Coach® model, is critical to an optimal youth sports culture.

This PDF was excerpted from PCA Founder Jim Thompson’s (@JimThompson18) book Developing Better Athletes, Better People. To purchase the entire book, and to learn more about other PCA books, click here.

These books are used in PCA’s live workshops. To learn more about our interactive leader workshops, click here.

Download the Excerpt

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