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How Coaches And Leaders Can Best Involve Youth Sports Parents

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Scott Snyder has been with AYSO (@AYSO_Soccer) since 2012, holding the position of AYSO Player Development and Technical Advisor in the Coaching Department. During this time he has helped the National Coaching program reach new heights by rewriting the national curriculum for volunteer coaches, developing coaching workshops and creating communications for volunteer coaches to keep AYSO at the forefront of youth soccer education.

Snyder's first point in this video is that coaches should show appreciation for the support they receive from their players' parents. He emphasizes the importance of clear and consistent communication, starting with a parent meeting in which the coaches sets parameters and guidelines.

Follow-up meetings, emails, websites and other communicatiions should then reinforce the guidelines, involve parents in the development of their child through sports and foster understanding of the environment that leads to peak player performance. Parents most often mean well, but do not necessarily know how to best support their players.