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Have Assistant Coaches Instruct Your Kid When You're A Parent-Coach

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Ben Dudley (@Oldudley) is the Executive Director of the Positive Coaching Alliance-Portland Chapter. He grew up a multi-sport athlete with soccer being his favorite. Having traveled to many parts of the world, Ben quickly realized that knowing the language of sports allows you to communicate with anyone in the world. He has dedicated his life to serving people and believes that sport is a very powerful way to help make a difference. Ben also serves as the Chaplain for the Portland Timbers and is a sports parent of two young boys.

In this video, Ben shares his experience coaching his own child, sharing that his son responds better when the other coaches instruct then when he offers help to his kid. Ben urges coaches to form a partnership where all coaches on the team can communicate when they need the help of their co-coach to give advice and instruction to their kid in a way they will receive it best.