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Finding The Balance Between Favoritism And Harshness

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Tony Price (@TonyPriceAD) is the current Athletic Director at Randolph High School in Randolph, MA and was previously the Assistant Athletic Director and Head Basketball Coach at Simmons College in Boston. Price is also involved with the Randolph Youth Basketball Association and is known for instilling 'character and confidence' in his student-athletes.

Price acknowledges that parents volunteer their time to step up to coach young athletes. Without them, many kids would miss out on crucial opportunities to learn life lessons through sports. However, it can be difficult for parents coaching their own child to find a balance between favoritism and harshness. Often, in order to avoid showing favoritism to their own child, parents revert to the other end of the spectrum and can be overly harsh with their own child.

Price explains that it is certainly important to teach the fundamentals of sport to your kid and treat them the same as other players, but he urges parent-coaches not to be overly harsh and forget that coaching their child is not like coaching another athlete, because your kid looks up to you as a parent, not just a coach.