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Erin Chastain On Youth Coaches Watching World Cup With Their Players

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Erin Chastain (@ChastainErin) has served as DePaul University Women's Soccer Head Coach since 2007. Earlier, she spent five seasons at national soccer power Santa Clara University as an assistant coach. During her tenure with the Broncos, the program reached the championship game of the 2002 NCAA Championship, the semifinals in 2004 and the quarterfinals in 2005. She also helped the program to West Coast Conference titles in four of her five seasons. Erin also spent time during her first three seasons at Santa Clara working with several youth teams in the Bay Area, including the DeAnza Strykers and the North Valley Tornadoes.

Erin is an advocate of youth coaches watching the World Cup on TV with their players, whether boys or girls. It can be inspiring to see your sport played at the highest level.

Erin suggests that coaches host watch parties, where they can point out skills and strategies to their players. Or coaches can have the youth players watch the World Cup stars who play the same position and ask the youth players what they learned from the stars. She expects the tournament to filled with teachable moments for coaches to share with players.

This video was recorded prior to the 2015 Women's World Cup, but tools are relevant for both Men and Women World Cups.