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Don't Just Talk The Talk, Connect Cultural Values With Playing Time

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Wayne Tinkle (@waynetinkle) is the Head Men's Basketball Coach at Oregon State. Before coming to Oregon State he was the head coach at Montana for eight seasons. He also played professionally for 12 seasons until 2000, including stints in the Continental Basketball Association and International Basketball League, and in Sweden, Spain, Italy and Greece.

In several programs, coaches talk about upholding strong cultural values, but when players are talented enough, they play anyways. However, Tinkle advises coaches to do more than just talk the talk, and walk the walk. If you address and truly want to uphold cultural values, you have to make that matter in terms of playing time. To Tinkle, it doesn't matter how good you are- you won't play if you don't uphold cultural values off the court. To Tinkle, this is a very effective way to uphold culture at Oregon State.