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Does Team Leadership Begin With Players Or The Coach?

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Dave St. Peter (@TwinsPrez) is the President of the Minnesota Twins of Major League Baseball. He oversees the team’s day-to-day operations, strategic planning and interaction with Major League Baseball. In addition to his role with the team, St. Peter oversees the franchise’s sister company -- Northern Lights Broadcasting – which includes 96.3 KTWN-FM, the Twins flagship radio affiliate commencing in 2013.

In this video, St. Peter discusses how important leadership is in sports. As important as it is to have a strong leader in a coach or manager, it can be just as important to have leadership among players. St. Peter mentions how Torii Hunter became an excellent leader within the Minnesota Twins organization by helping other players develop routines to prepare for games as well as good nutritional habits and sleep schedules. More importantly, Hunter helped players to understand how important it is to behave respectfully toward fans, the media, coaches, and other players.