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Chip Hale On Coaching Positively Through Success And Failure

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A former Major League Baseball player with the Minnesota Twins, Chip Hale is currently the Manager for the Arizona Diamondbacks. He’d previously served as a coach for the same team, as well as a third-base coach for the New York Mets and bench-coach for the Oakland A’s.

In this video, shot at a PCA-Phoenix event that also included Grand Canyon University Head Baseball Coach Andy Stankiewicz (@turntwo17) and Diamondbacks Executive Tony La Russa (@TonyLaRussa), Hale recalls his first experience with a coach who relied on positive reinforcement instead of a fear-based culture to motivate his team.

Hale's University of Arizona Coach, Jerry Kindall, focused on the positive aspects of a game following a loss instead of punishing failure, and provided constructive criticism after wins. That created an environment in which Hale and his team were able to develop to their full potential as players.

Hale also discusses one of Kindall's great teaching, the importance of distinguishing between feeling disappointed and feeling discouraged, Now, Hale emphasizes using failure as a source of encouragement and motivation instead of allowing it to negatively impact future effort or performance.