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Steve Hawes: Emphasizing Integrity Through Action

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Steve Hawes played 10 years (1974-84) in the NBA for the Houston Rockets, Portland Trail Blazers, Atlanta Hawks, and Seattle Supersonics, scoring over 5,000 points and grabbing over 4,000 rebounds. Before that, Hawes starred at the University of Washington and is still ranked as their sixth highest scorer and rebounder. His nephew, Spencer Hawes, currently plays for the Los Angeles Clippers and honors his Uncle Steve by wearing the same jersey number.

In the ‘entertainment culture’ of sports today, it can be difficult to convince younger athletes, particularly high schoolers, that success is dictated by more than just wins on the scoreboard. The older athletes get, Hawes says in this video clip, the more difficult it may be to convince them that other factors matter. However, coaches can convince their athletes that success is more than winning through their own actions and by showing their athletes results. If coaches show their athletes that working hard on the process matters and is important for overall success, they may be convinced that there is more to sports than just winning.