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The Brent Sopel Foundation: For Children with Dyslexia

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Brent Sopel (@brent_sopel) is a former NHL Defenseman and Stanley Cup Champion. Sopel as a champion on the ice and off it, known for selflessly sacrificing his body on the ice for the greater good of the team as a fearless defender. He also champions several causes, namely dyslexia and dysgraphia awareness, and believes that winners and champions aren’t those without struggles, they are the people that overcome them.

In this video, he talks about the Brent Sopel Foundation, the institution he started to help kids with dyslexia. Speaking from personal experience, Sopel says he knows that when you're battling dyslexia as a child, it's easy to feel alone. He started the Brent Sopel Foundation in order to help kids understand that they are not alone in this battle.