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An Argument Against Early Specialization

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Four-time Olympic Water Polo Medalist, Brenda Villa (@brenda4villa) is a PCA National Advisory Board Member. Villa spent her collegiate career at Stanford University, where she arrived as the nation’s top recruit, and graduated as a three-time All-America. She was named the Division I Water Polo Player of the Year, as well as winner of the Peter J. Cutino Award as the top female college water polo player in the United States and earned a Gold Medal at the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

In this video clip, Villa talks about how playing multiple sports helped her become an elite water polo player. She grew up playing all sorts of other sports, and the skills she learned transferred to her dominating in the pool. One example she gives, is playing softball as a kid. Villa learned the proper way to throw a ball and when she began playing water polo, that throwing skill transferred over to a successful shot and pass in the pool.