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7 Behaviors College Coaches Look For When Recruiting

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Marcia McDermott (@SoccerChicago) is a PCA National Advisory Board Member and Head Women's Soccer Coach at Army West Point. McDermott has nearly 25 years of collegiate, professional and national coaching experience under her belt, and served as an assistant coach for the U.S. Women's National Team in 2011. As a student-athlete, McDermott led the University of North Carolina to three national titles in 1983, '84 and '86, serving as co-captain in 1986 during an All-American season.

In this video, McDemott shares 7 behaviors she looks for in recruiting, and in under 30 seconds:

  • College coaches look for leaders who lead by example
  • College coaches look for character- those who want to be good people, not just good athletes
  • College coaches seek athletes that are, and want to be, good teammates
  • College coaches look for athletes that respect their teammates and coaches
  • College coaches observe interactions with family members to see how players value relationships
  • College coaches look for athletes with independence, who don't need someone else to lead
  • College coaches look for athletes with a growth mindset, who believe they can develop and grow.