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What A College Lacrosse Coach Looks For In Recruits: Athleticism

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Amy Bokker (@AmyBokker) is the head coach for the Women’s Lacrosse team at Stanford University. Since joining the Cardinal in 2009, Bokker has established Stanford as the West’s premier program, consistently ranked among the country’s Top 25. She also serves as an Assistant Coach for the U.S. Women’s National Lacrosse Team.

Bokker says in this clip that overall athleticism is one of the most important things she looks for when recruiting athletes. One way she gets a sense for a player’s athleticism is whether or not they play multiple sports. Athletes who play multiple sports typically have a wider range of skills, understand spacing, adjust more easily and are the type of competitors she wants on her team.

Intangibles she looks for are competitiveness and toughness. She wants athletes who try to get the ball back just as hard as they try to put it in the back of the net. She also wants athletes who always work hard and carry themselves appropriately. She doesn’t want athletes to back down from challenges. Bokker feels she can teach the game, but the intangibles are what make the recruit appealing.

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