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Managing A Comprehensive Athletics Program On A Limited Budget 

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UpMetrics (@upmetricsapp) Regional Executive Director and former Perspectives Charter Schools Athletic & Activities Director Vinay Mullick (@VinayMullick) knows what it’s like to manage a comprehensive athletics program on a limited budget — fundraising plays no small part.

As school budgets are getting tighter and tighter, appropriations to athletic departments are rarely increasing. In many cases, funding for co-curricular athletic programs has stayed flat or decreased. As a result, athletic directors are being asked to spend more time looking for ways to raise funds for their programs:

1. Internal Fundraising

When looking to raise funds for your program, it is vital to first and foremost fundraise internally. It’s always easier ask for “house money" than it is to start an external campaign. To save time, resources, and get the biggest bang for your buck, make sure to always start in your own backyard. Decision makers in your organizations are the ones who best understand your athletic program and its positive community and student impact. Asking for additional resources from those who are most intimate with your athletic department should always be your first move.

2. External Fundraising

Athletic directors receive no small amount of suggestions for the latest and greatest fundraising idea—but it’s your job to determine which fundraisers make the most sense for your program. As you take on your next fundraising endeavor, know that you can’t do it alone. Make sure you have a fundraising concept that can be delegated and easily executed by others in your department. Whether it’s coaches, students-athletes or parents, it has to be a team effort.

Click below to read all three ways to manage and fundraise for an athletics program on a limited budget.

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