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Evaluating Recruits Against Program's Core Values

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Jason Borrelli (@Jason_Borrelli) is the head wrestling coach at Stanford University. Before joining the Cardinal coaching staff in 2007, Borrelli wrestled and coached at Central Michigan.

In this video, Borrelli shares what he looks for in recruits. Wrestling is a sport that relies on individual scores for a team result, so Borrelli always has to assess a recruit's wrestling potential. As he says here, that quality is critical, but easy to identify.

In order to find athletes who will reach their full potential, his coaching staff is always looking beyond the talent at character and overall fit. For Borrelli's program, that means fitting in these 6 core values:

  • Integrity -- What you do when no one is watching
  • Passion -- When the times are tough, you still work hard
  • Positive Attitude -- Don't complain, pick your teammates up
  • Hard Work -- Foundation for any successful athlete
  • Family/Team -- Willing to sacrifice for the team
  • Sacrifice -- Doing it for someone else