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Improving Game Fairness In Ultimate Frisbee

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This resource comes from Skyd Magazine (@skydmagazine), a Seattle based magazine that celebrates and supports the growth of ultimate frisbee. Skyd provides articles and featured columns for coaches and athletes on training, growth of the sport, mental preparation and performance, and life lessons learned through ultimate.

This resource examines the role of spirit, or fairness, in ultimate frisbee and how it can be improved. The panelists note a trend toward a universal understanding of just how nuanced and difficult fairness can be to show, along with a shift toward an environment in ultimate where teams with high Spirit scores, or displays of fairness, are often the ones winning tournaments.

They also give recommendations on how to make fairness and ethics a bigger part of the community, including "Spirit" or ethics captains for each team, carving out space in tournament schedules for teams to interact with each other more, and making Spirit evaluation forms easier to fill out for ultimate frisbee players.

To see more from Skyd and to view the video of this panel, click the link below.

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