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8 Sideline Behavior Tips For Parents On Gameday

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From washing uniforms, preparing gear and getting your child to the field on time to finally cheer him or her on, parenting an athlete can require a lot of commitment.


  • Wish your player good luck!
  • Let your player know you will be proud of him or her no matter how well he or she plays.
  • Take a moment to remind yourself of the true meaning of youth baseball, to have fun.
  • Tell your player to have fun and enjoy the game!


  • Let the coaches coach. It is inappropriate for parents to address playing time, team strategy or play calling with the coach.
  • Encourage your player, teammates, and the opponent by cheering for them. You can help your child learn the importance of sportsmanship by talking with them about what it is, and then showing them what it is when you're cheering for them in the stands.
  • Pay attention to the game, but keep perspective! At the end of the day, baseball is just a game, it's supposed to be fun and enjoyable for everyone involved.


  • Thank the coaches for their commitment to the team.
  • Congratulate your player on a great game—no matter how he or she played.
  • Resist the urge to turn the car ride home into a postgame critique; instead, ask your athlete later about the play and get their thoughts on it. By allowing some time to pass following the competition, and enabling your child to talk about their mistakes, it promotes a greater understanding of the game and a more positive family dynamic.
  • Remind your player that you are proud of him or her!

This article was provided through PCA’s partnership with USA Baseball. For more information about keeping perspective in youth sports and other valuable tips, please click below to visit USA Baseball’s Online Education Center.

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