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3 Common Coaching Questions And Answers

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Tiina Booth is a columnist for Ultiworld (@Ulti_world), the premier news source for the sport of Ultimate, using in-depth reporting, video highlights, and articles to bring people the most interesting and important stories in ultimate frisbee from around the globe.

Booth highlights 5 most common coaching questions and answers from her time in almost 25 years of coaching. Below are 3 of those questions and answers that apply to all coaches regardless of sport.

What does Spirit (fairness) look like?
Coaches rarely come to a consensus on how to ensure fair and ethical play at all levels of competition.

But context is everything. What works in day camp will not work at Club Nationals. Players need to know the rules no matter where they are playing and how the game is being officiated.

What do you do if a player discloses abuse to you?
As a coach, you are a mandated reporter, which means you must take action if you find that the player in your charge is hurting someone (including him or herself) or if they are being hurt by others.

How do you deal with playing time? How do you balance fun with winning?
Have discussions about playing time and team goals at the beginning of the season and perhaps halfway through the season. Do this away from the field. As a coach, you must listen to input from all your players because you need everyone to buy in.

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